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BrainSymph was established by researchers wanting to realise the clinical potential of brain network mapping technology

In partnership with opinion leaders from neurology, clinical neuroscience and artificial intelligence, BrainSymph has the know-how and the visions required for bridging the gap between research and reality.

Ira Haraldsen

Dr. Ira Haraldsen is an experienced neurologist and psychiatrist with an excellent track record in the field of clinical neuroscience.

She is the founder of BrainSymph, and Head of the Board. From her research group leader position at Oslo University Hospital, she is the leading coordinator of the international AI-Mind project.

Lillian Fjeld

Lillian Fjeld is the CEO of BrainSymph. She is a serial entrepreneur, the last 10 years within the health area.

She has her education/pracsis  in administration within economi, digital marketing, leadership, business development and business models. In health within cognitive therapy, addiction, eating disorder and stress.

Theodor Remman

Theodor Remman is member of the board in BrainSymph. He is a business developer with a double bachelor in International Business and Management.

He has a successful track record for business development in the field of R&D in health technology. He has with his team build the company Boneprox with the concept Bonprox AI, Konekta and KonektED who is working in the dental and health area.

Christoffer Hatlestad-Hall

Christoffer Hatlestad-Hall is a co-founder of BrainSymph and the Head of Research and Development.

He is a clinical psychologist specialising in electrophysiology and functional brain connectivity and networks.

Vebjørn Andersson

Vebjørn Andersson is a co-founder of BrainSymph and a Member of the Board.

He is a medical student at the University of Oslo with a background in molecular biology.